Cabo Polonio

Off Road Ride

Cabo Polonio

Sea Lions

Cabo Polonio

Historic Ligthhouse

Cabo Polonio


Cabo Polonio

Arts and Crafts

Cabo Polonio


Cabo Polonio

La Calavera Beach

Cabo Polonio

Mobile Dunes

Cabo Polonio

Off Road Ride


  1. 08:00 Hrs. Departure from Punta del Este to Cabo Polonio

    Relax while on vacation with our unmissable Cabo Polonio Eco-Tour that includes guide, insurance, and shuttle service. We pick you up and return you from your lodge at Punta del Este.

  2. 10:15 Hrs. Arrival to Cabo Polonio visitor´s center

    Welcome reception by our experienced ecotour guide at the interpretative center. Cabo Polonio´s atlantic coast is famous for it´s huge sand dunes, beautiful beaches and great sea lions colony. In 2009 the region was declared a National Park, under the protective jurisdiction of Uruguay´s SNAP program.

  3. 10:30 Hrs. All terrain truck ride to enter Cabo Polonio

    Enjoy an incredible all terrain truck ride through natural woods, dunes and beaches. Cabo Polonio has no roads leading to it and is located about 4 miles from the main highway, it is accessible walking through the dunes, by horseback ride or by authorized 4x4 vehicles. The town has no electricity or running water for the few hundred houses, and the resident population is about 70 persons mostly artisanal fishermen´s families.

  4. 11:00 Hrs. Sea Lions and Lighthouse Trail

    Discover with our expert guides the amazing sea lions and lighthouse trail. A large colony of Sea Lions and Fur Seals breed on offshore islands, with hundred on the Cape rocks for part of the year. The historic lighthouse, built in 1881, provides a fabulous perspective on the point, the sea lion colony, and the surrounding dunes and islands.

  5. 12:30 Free time for lunch

    Try Cabo Polonio´s famous fried sea weeds, grill fresh fish, or artisanal ravioli served on the different local restaurants. Is also the opportunity to look around the attractive artcrafts kiosks and find the perfect gifts.

  6. 14:00 Hrs. Calavera´s Beach and Dunes

    Take a pleasant guided walk along the Calavera beach coast and prepare to climb the mobile dunes. Is an area in which the sand is blown by the wind, moves around the sandy places, and dunes actually change their position.

  7. 16:00 Hrs. All terrain truck ride to exit Cabo Polonio

    Remember Cabo Polonio's tradition of waving to every one you see from the truck! Despite the passing of time it seems like nothing has changed here, you can still feel the calm and peace given by the contact with nature. Cabo Polonio remains as one of Uruguay´s most rustic coastal villages.

  8. 16:30 Hrs. Departure from Cabo Polonio to Punta del Este

    Share with our guide and rest of the group, all the great photos and remembers of the magic Cabo Polonio.

  9. 19:30 Hrs. Arrival to Punta del Este

    Cabo Polonio Eco-Tour is an unforgettable experience that you will have to talk about in the years to come!

Included Services

Whats included in this tour Items that are covered in the cost of tour price.
  • Eco-Tour Guide: who provides assistance and heritage interpretation
  • Transfers Punta del Este / Cabo Polonio
  • Entrance Ticket: Cabo Polonio´s all terrain truck ride
  • Civil Liability Insurance: for passengers during transfers
Conditions Necessary conditions to operate.
  • Anticipate reservations are required
  • Favorable weather conditions