During small group tours family bonds are strengthened and friendships are reforged. Is a great way to know and bring people together.

Get ready to have an experience that you and your group will be talking about for years to come!

We believe that ecologically responsible tourism helps to preserve fragile and endagered ecosystems.

We specialize in individual itineraries for small groups and take every precaution to minimize the ecological impact of tourism on the areas visited.

Our clients take full advantage of relaxing themselves while on vacation, with the assurance of their safety and enjoyment.

Cabo Polonio Eco-tours guides are exceptional, with helpful people skills.

The office team is efficient, enthusiastic, and enjoy helping people set date or arrange a custom tour.

The company also supports sustainable development with the highest goals of ecotourism in natural protected areas.



"Thank you! It's beautiful!! We loved it! We have very good memories about Punta del Este and specially about the day in Cabo Polonio!!! Thank you once again for showing us that amazing places!"


"Thank you! I had a great time and enjoyed getting to know you both. Cabo Polonio is an amazing place! Thanks too for the photos! All the best. Joe "


"Cabo Polonio is a Must Visit place! Magic place with amazing vibes! Also want to thank our guide, he made our time easy and relaxed. Love you Cabo Polonio Eco-Tours!"